Learning Spanish completely immersing in the Argentinian Experience!

Our experience, passion and care for teaching has led us to give you real-life Spanish courses. And when we come together is amazing what we can accomplish.

Our students Sophie and Anneke

Our students Sophie and Anneke

We invite you to learn Spanish in Argentina with a relaxing mix of time in the city and the countryside. Do you want to learn Spanish...

  • while practising your new skills daily in activities that you enjoy like riding on horseback, playing polo or strolling around in beautiful parks?
  • in flexible, enthusiasm and communication-orientated classes?
  • with professional and high trained teachers to accomplish total management of Spanish?
  • while learning to dance tango in the typical milongas?
  • in the birthplace of the Gaucho?
  • in a quaint historic town soaking in the culture of the country?

Our Spanish Courses

In all our courses we have designed different activities for you to communicate with native speakers in the most stimulating situations. Always alert, we help you to communicate with the locals and learn about the Argentines and Argentina.